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Landscape Architect, Designer & Master Plan

All beautiful landscapes begin with a plan. But not all plans produce beautiful landscapes. So the question is: What differentiates good landscaping plans from bad ones? Good plans incorporate the fundamental principles of art and landscape design. They also follow a step-by-step design process that requires a great deal of input from the clients and therefore ensures that the finished design meets their expectations and fulfills their needs/desires.

Landscape Design

Cutting Edge Landscape designers and architects will listen to your ideas, consider your budget and provide ageless design options. Let CEL's talented team of experts help you develop a beautiful landscape plan or master plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Our Master Landscape Plan includes, but is not limited to, scaled plans, details with specifications as requested to convey design concept. The design process includes delineating materials, forms types and approximate mature sizes of all elements in plan view. All relevant details and perceptions, fees individually determined based on scope of project.  

Our Comprehensive Plans can be installed all at once or phased in over time. Have irrigation, lighting, hardscapes, and water features included with your master plan.

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